Gossip Girl: “Valley Girls”

Tonight’s episode of GG introduced the spinoff that still might be via flashbacks that Lily Van der Woodsen had when dealing with jailbird Serena. Perks of the flashback included No Doubt performing “Stand and Deliver” during a club scene and… well, that’s about it. This was also The Prom Episode, but we didn’t get to see a whole lot of that.

First off, the No Doubt performance as “Snowed Out” (get it?!) was prime, they are so animated and the song was perfect for the flashback AND for them. To be fair, this was touted in advance as their comeback performance, but they’ve played the Today Show and American Idol–so the fans already know that they’re back in the game and as energetic and stylish as ever.

Secondly, the spinoff–I could do without it. I liked learning about Lily and the scene with her confronting the young Van der Woodsen on behalf of her sister was insightful… I just don’t think it could float as it’s own entity. Maybe there are some forty-somethings from the actual Valley who long to see their lives with the sweet music supervision provided by Alex Patsavas, but do the rest of us need silly references to fanny packs? I mean, really.

Lastly, Chuck Bass will you marry me? Honestly, what he did for Blair to set up her perfect night nearly made my heart into an ooey gooey mess of “aw, shucks.” There’s something about romance that goes unnoticed that tugs at my heart strings, you know?

Next week is the season finale, and all I want is for Chuck and Blair to be together.


  • One of Blair’s posse was totally wearing a Betsey Johnson dress.
  • I love that Chuck calls Nate “Nathaniel.” I don’t know why, but it’s kind of hot.
  • It took me half a day to get ready for prom, and you’ll have be believe that S got ready n the backseat of a taxi after spending over 24 hours in jail? Psh. Oh well, I don’t watch reality TV for a reason.

Your thoughts?