Clothes for Sale.. plus some updates..

here are a few clothing items my roomie & i are selling from our wardrobe.

everything is in perfect condition. if you want to purchase any of these items email me at

remember, i only take payment through paypal. xoxo

american apparel dress w. gold glitter: 25$

new york couture denim skirt: 30$

sequin vest: 30$

levi’s denim skirt: 30$

free people yellow dress: 40$

orange pajama set: 40$

red leopard dress: 40$

juicy couture purple hoodie: 45$

jessica louise custom jumper: 45$

this weekend i am shooting for glamour kills swim suit line.. finally.. the shoot keeps getting pushed due to the wonky weather of los angeles. sunday, roosevelt is having a pool party at the tropicana. shwayze is performing w. cisco. it’s the summer kick off pool party. only one more week till the mtv movie awards.. still figuring out the perfect outfit to wear.. hmm.. i found out i get to collaborate with one of my favorite artists for my merch line i am doing with glam kills. it’s going to be killer!!! i am so excited. only a little less than two months till it is released. lately, i have been loving going to the gym. i love doing the elliptical for 40 minutes and weights for my arms. tonight lauren, jamie and i are doing a girls night. we haven’t had one in awhile and it is definitely needed. tuesday i did a mini escape to malibu. lunch on the beach, photo booth on the pier, sushi on the promenade, movies in bed.. it was needed. i love it there. nothing is more beautiful than waking up next to the ocean with the reflection of the sun on the water in your eyes. it was my mom’s birthday yesterday.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! i am so lucky to have someone so amazing in my life.

robyn & i at a pool party.

hanging with this cute pup bugsy.

cinder getting her pose on.

what is your favorite part of summer? the parties? no more school? the fashion? the weather?