Chasing Shadows……Chapter Forty-Eight

What’s up?” Emily asks Gabrielle as she looks at her face.

“Uh, nothing, wrong number” Gabrielle mutters now putting her phone away.

Emily gives her a weird look and then turns back to the stage.

A few hours later:

Everyone is back at the hotel.

They real quick grabbed some coffee from the lobby and then they all went to bed.

As Jared takes a shower before watching a movie with Gabrielle, Gabrielle looks at her phone again for the fiftieth time tonight.

“Yeah it is his number” Gabrielle says to herself.

“But how did he get mine? I changed it about a year ago so it’s not the same one he had before. Someone must have told him. Not M though, never! Maybe Jim? I have to be on his shit list by now and he knows what he calling me would do to me, bastard”

Jared then comes back into the room.

“Ready for our movie?” he asks Gabrielle now looking though the DVD’S in his bag.

“Sure” Gabrielle says now smiling.

“You know what, screw him” Gabrielle says to herself now getting popcorn.

The two then spend the rest of the night watching movies and talking about the show.

Half way through the third movie, Gabrielle falls asleep, so Jared gets up and turns off the TV and then tucks Gabrielle into bed. Then one quick check on the laptop and he goes to bed as well.

The next morning:

Gabrielle is shaken out of a sound sleep.

“Come on gab, we gotta go or we’re gonna miss our plane!” Jared says in he ear.

“Oh crap, what time is it?” Gabrielle asks now jumping out of bed.

“About seven-thirty, we got thirty minutes” Jared says now piling stuff into his bag.

Gabrielle takes a quick shower and then packs the rest of her stuff in her bag and then the two carry about fifteen heavy bags down to the lobby.

“Come we got a rent a van lets go!” Emily says now them as they run down the stairs.

“Good we need them!” Jared says now running out the door and to the van.

“You got everything?” Emily then asks Gabrielle taking some bags off of her.

“Thanks. Yeah you?” Gabrielle says.

“Think so” Emily says.

The two then go out to the van and pile the bags in.

“Listen, I need to talk to you about something, but not now, like when we get into the next town, Cool?” Gabrielle then says to Emily real fast.

“Ok, whenever you want, I’m here” Emily says nodding her head.

Gabrielle smiles and then runs back into the lobby.

A few minutes later everyone is set and ready to go.

Shannon’s the last one to get in the van and then they speed off to the airport.

A few hours later:

The guys finally get to the next state, and still no bus is available.

“Uhh, this is hopeless. Let me call around and see what I can come up with” Jared says as he hangs up with the driver.

He and Gabrielle are in their new hotel room unpacking.

“Still no luck?” Gabrielle asks him.

“Yeah, I’m calling to see what I can get” Jared says now looking through the phonebook.

As Jared looks for a new bus, Gabrielle finishes unpacking and then heads down to the lobby to grab a quick cup of coffee with Emily.

“So, you want to talk now?” Emily asks her once they’re down there.

“Yeah. You know last night at the show, when I had my phone?” Gabrielle says.


“It was him”

Emily nearly drops her cup.

“Shit” she says.

“Yeah, I know” Gabrielle reply’s.

“So did you talk to him?”

“No. Actually I was thinking of calling him back when we got back to the hotel, but I said screw it I’m done”

“Yeah, don’t blame you. Since he left you hanging when he suddenly up and left for England like what? Two, three years ago?!”

“I know, but screw him now, I’m better off. And besides, I got Jared now. And let me tell you, he makes more wayyy more happy then puss willow did”

Emily laughs at the name, and then she hangs Gabrielle.

“I’m so proud of you!” she says.

“Thanks, so am I” Gabrielle says laughing.

The two then head back upstairs to their room.

“Got a bus!” Jared says once Gabrielle walks into their room.

“Wow, that was hard now wasn’t it?” Gabrielle says now sitting on the bed.

“Wasn’t it? Idiot” Jared says about the driver.

“Catch is that it wont be available till tomorrow afternoon” Jared then says sitting next to Gabrielle.

“That’s ok” Gabrielle says.

“Yeah, I’m just glad everything going to be back on track”


Jared then smiles at Gabrielle, then out of nowhere kisses her, which she’s getting used to now.

Gabrielle kisses Jared back happily.

Then Jared gets a call from Shannon saying that it’s about time to be heading to the arena for the show

“Your coming right?” Jared asks her while getting his stuff together.

Now, Gabrielle was going to say “Um, how about I take a break for a bit, just this one time?”

But there goes those blue eyes again.

“Sure” Gabrielle says shaking her head.

“Awesome! Get ready then” Jared says smiling.

Gabrielle sighs at getting sucked in again and then hops off the bed and gets her things.