BuzzMob Scavenger Hunt – Mission Completed

Twas only a week ago, me harties, when the great ship that is The Buzzmob set sail on a grand voyage. A grand hunt of scavenger proportions was mapped out for those brave enough to take up the task at hand. The bravest of the brave have now submitted their entries and we have our winners. Here’s to another MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

I thought that this little mission here would take a little longer than 3 days. There was a total of 50 items to look for and by Thursday, the submissions for completed galleries came in. Absolutely amazing. You guys really went through this mission like a hot knife through butter.

The prizes were iTunes gift cards and summer goodie bags (which I have yet to wrangle up). What do you guys think should be in the Summer goodie bags? To me, Summer is sun block, short shorts, and lemonade but I don’t know how those will mix in a box shipped all around these great states and vast oceans. They will be good, though!

Our first winner to submit a gallery was MordezMoi. You can check out her entries by going to this magical journal here. Some highlights include:

41. Photo of a pet: =^..^=

26. Pirate eye patch!

Our second place winner came in shortly thereafter. RhiannaResolution braved the rain to take some of her photos. Check out her gallery by going here.

43. Rubber duckie!

6. Chewbacca!

Our final entry came via FairieyFreak. Hooray for her! Check out her submissions here. First, though, OMG LOOK!!!

22. Feed a duck some bread

15. A clown crying – This is absolutely frightening

Congrats to our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners! We had some other users complete their galleries for some Buzznet stickers and bracelets. Yay!

BrandNewHope – 1. Sign with your towns name

xSuckMyKissxx – 18. Anatomy Skeleton

Thanks to all those that entered! See ya on the next mission!