Get that burger phone out and start making those calls!!

I started the day with most amazing smoothie. Avacado, peach soy protein, and berries! So yum… I recomend it. Blended drinks and summer go hand and hand! I can not beleive it is really almost June. This year was so fast. I think when your happy time goes by before you even notice it. Last night Anna and Rox satyed over and we watched Gossip girl, made food and did crafts! I have so many ideas, wait till you see what im going to make next. Today I am shooting with Adam at his loft down town..he got the stylist, makeup artist and magical hair designers, im intrested to see what kind of art we can all make together! Tonight im stopping by the independant theatre to watch a movie and going grocery shopping. Oh the normal things that are not as glamerous yet, I cant get enough of. Food shopping is one of my favorite past time.. I get really exicited about cooking new food.

I know the heart sunglasses were very much last yar trend.. I do not care these ice frost rainbow ones are perfect. Chances are I will be rocking them weither there in or not. Magazines and media so not make trends, people do.

Speaking of trends M.A.C Cosmetics has a new line coming out called Style Warirror. It has jungle prints and beautiful colors. Im all about the packaging, they threw out there fishing line and reeled me in.

These are some extra photos from the charity event a few weks ago!

And some out takes from the Big Bow photoshoot.

Crimped hair will never go out of style.. or maybe it will never go into style? Either way its addciting. Someone needs to come over and hid my crimping iron! My hair is a little below my shoulders right now. I think im going to keep it like that for a few weeks before I get long hair again.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with a company about doing collaborations, Later that night going to Bardot with all my buddies. Thursday im doing line sheets downtown all day. Friday I have two meetings and a polaroid shoot! This weekend is craft and shoot day. Too many ideas not enough time. I miss my website more then anything! It will be up by June. I have been saying that forever but we have some offers for hosting and i refuse to waste any more time doing things i feel are not me!

Art for Art sake.

What kind of sunglasses will you be rocking this summer??