Adventures in Ohio (Part 1)

TUESDAY: we left at 11:30 that evening.. I think. I don’t remember. It was Erika, me, Christa, Nathanial, Heidi, our Pastor Robert and his wife, Esther. We arrived at our destination at around 6:00 pm and went to the Siam Cafe (atleast I think that’s what it’s called). Our friend Charles is engaged to a Chinese girl named Sharon Lee.. let me refresh your memory of who she is.

So we were eating with her, her dad, two other Chinese men, a Chinese lady and two American guys, haha. The food was.. not my favorite, and once they found out that we’re vegetarians, they insisted on getting a huge plate of vegetables for us. The cheesecake and ice cream, however, were AMAZING. haha. And so was the bubble tea!

After we ate we went to the house we were staying at, owned by a lady named… what was her name.. LOIS. Okay. I always wanted to call her Otis, and Heidi said that anytime she was going to say her name, she wanted to call her Vince. So apparently it’s hard for young kids to remember the name Lois. =D…. am I even spelling that name right?! Low-iss. That’s how it’s pronounced.

That is the house. We stayed on the right side, the left side was owned by a loud bunch of people who were getting drunk when we first met them. Great.

WEDNESDAY: we had to get food ready for a reception. The whole reason we went to Ohio was for Charles’ Senior Recital. He’s the greatest violinist ever, as I’ve said before. Anyway. We had to go to his house, shared by him and lots of other college guys, so as you can imagine, it was DIRTY. Filthy. Gross. But they call it the Magnolia House for some reason. Erika made a violin out of butter.

leaving Lois’, going to the Magnolia House.

“I’ve never worked with butter before!” -Era

coffee house, a room in the Magnolia House.

So next we ran over to CIM for the recital. Like literally, we ran over there. In the rain. In high heels.

Matching outfitssss. =) The recital WAS FREAKING AMAZING. Charles never ceases to amaze. There were over a hundred people there. And they said that most Senior Recitals only have like 40 people. So we had like, idk, 80 people at the reception or something. It was so much fun!

Next we went to Dave’s Market! haha. Everything is expensive there. I had a guy tell me that I looked cute. I pretended that I didn’t hear him, cause he was kind of old. haha.


Everyone was exhausted, off doing their own thing. Me and Erika sat in our room the whole night, watching tv and taking pictures.

You know I’m tired when I smile in a picture =P

There’s also a video on my page from this night =D With a little tour of the bedroom, in case you haven’t watched it yet.

Sadly, I have to go. There will be a part two and maybe three to this. We took over 300 pictures.

<3 Love to allllll.