this modern love.

i am finally starting to feel rested and that my health is coming back to it’s normal standard. being sick is the worst. i am not one of those people who can just sit around and lounge all day.. i constantly have to be doing something.. i don’t know if that’s my a.d.d. talking or what.. but it’s hard for me to just relax.. haha. this morning my mom and i met up to get our nails done. i got pink with glitter on my toes and white on my hands. after nails, i made a quick stop at the bank and grabbed a tea from coffee bean. tonight, lauren and i are finally going to do the laundry mat photo shoot.. we were supposed to do it last week, but i still wasn’t feeling well. tomorrow i am shooting for E entertainment daily 10. two faced makeup will be doing two different looks on me for the show, so be sure to tune in and watch!! friday i am shooting for this british clothing line called baby cakes.

i love the new kate moss line for top shop, everything she does is amazing. next weekend my mom and i might be doing a few day trip to new york city!!! hopefully the top shop is open there, i want to check it out. this past weekend i did a runway show for li cari at usc. the show turned out good, but it was a little chaotic. after the show, a few of the models and i celebrated at el compadre with margaritas and burritos. sunday, i did a photo shoot for kid dangerous and their new spring line. all of the clothes are great!! i’m actually wearing one of the shirts now.. haha..

who is one celebrity who always inspires you? for me, it’s mary kate. i love everything about her and her fashion. she is willing to take risks.