there she goes again. run run run.

finally back in la la land from the dry desert. coachella was everything but dull. hydration was a must and late hours were definitely in your schedule. lauren and i drove up late thursday night. on the way we got some food and picked up some drinks for her house. once we got in, we relaxed in the jacuzzi and watched golden girls. friday morning, we met up with everyone at steves hotel for a dress rehearsal for the performance and then headed over to the show. we went on around 330, and it was a hit!! i danced my little ass off in sequin pants and a leotard for an hour. i had the best time. the music was killer. my favorite performances of the weekend were dj am, paul mccartney, morrisey, the bloody beetroots, steve aoki, lykke li & the murder city devils. saturday, during the day, we hit up the fashion loves music party at the riviera hotel and stopped by a few gifting suites. i got some new sunnies and a cute jumper. at night was the tmobile party. they had tons of yummy food from chipotle, tommy’s burgers and coffee bean. danny masterson was djing and did a great job. i had so much fun. the party went till 6a.m., but we left around 4.

today i am going on a search for the movie ciao manhattan, which is a film about edie sedgwick, and i am also going to find valley of the dolls. such a classic. at 2 i have a dentist appointment and i have to go by petco to pick up some things for cinderella. wednesday i have a meeting at polsky productions. back to work. busy girl.

who is your icon? someone you look up to or is an influence to you.