The Rescue: Are You Abducting Yourself?

Who: Pete Wentz, Joel Madden, Kristen Bell, Kirsten Dunst and THOUSANDS of other people. Maybe you?

What: Participants are to ‘abduct themselves for the abducted.’ Tens of thousands of people will travel by foot to a location in each city that will become their “LRA base,” where they will refuse to leave until a politician, mogul or local celebrity ‘RESCUES’ them by making a public statement on behalf of the child soldiers.

Where: Globally, y’all. To find out if your city is participating, go to, select your country, then your state, and see if your city is there.

When: Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Why: To unite as an international community to deliver the innocent from Joseph Kony’s reign and ensure he is brought to justice. Thousands will gather to symbolically abduct themselves to free the abducted.

Questions? This video might answer them:

The Rescue Instructional Video from Jason Russell on Vimeo.

Are any of you participating in your city? Tell us about your anticipation and how you got involved…