New Cobra Starship Song Premiers on iMeem

Just last week, we had news about the new Cobra Starship CD. And with that news came what we thought at the time to be a tentative album track, “Pete Wentz is the Only Reason We’re Famous.”

Well, Cobra lads and lasses, ain’t nothing tentative about it. Because that song title is 100% real and the song itself is realer. Er, more real. Whatever. It exists and it has premiered on iMeem!

As you’d expect from a Cobra song there’s somewhat tongue in cheek lyrics, fantastic word play in the lyrics and a catchy hook you’re likely to get stuck in your head until you need to take a power drill to your temple to get the music out. It is a fantastic preview of what Cobra is about to unleash on the world with their third album.

Pete Wentz Is The Only Reason Were Famous – Cobra Starship

Give a listen and then share your thoughts and feelings! Does this make you guys want to run around singing “Smash it up! Smash it up!” too?