Katy Perry: Gonna Dress You Up With My… Sharpie?

Katy Perry done got censored in Saudi Arabia. But ’twas not a simple bleep or a black bar, though–this took much more effort.

Idolator posted a story this morning about a blogger who went to pick up One Of The Boys for her kid and found that the cover and some of the interior photos had been doctored. Check the side-by-sides:

You might be saying to yourself, “I see what they did there,” but DO YOU REALLY?

Katy’s limbs, my friends, are colored in with marker.

It’s the work of Saudi Arabia’s Committee For Protection Of Virtue and Prevention Of Vice, which makes sure Saudi citizens adhere to Islamic guidelines regarding dress, morality, and prayer.

The Saudi blogger points out:

Now those of you who have purchased CDs know how much trouble it is to take that plastic wrap off. And then to remove the front insert and especially removing the back insert from the CD case without breaking the plastic case can be tricky. So what it all boils down to is that the Saudi government is actually paying religious police members of the Committee for the Protection of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (CVPVP) to remove the plastic wrap from these CDs, open up the CD cases, remove the front and back inserts, and carefully and painstakingly color in with a marker any photos baring exposed female flesh that is deemed objectionable.

The whole point of this is, well, I really miss paper dolls. So I made Katy a new outfit:


You can either repond with your thoughts on this peculiar censorship technique or you can go to polyvore.com, pick new katy outfits and show me some photoshop magicz. Or you can do both. Whatever suits you.

Do you think Saudi Arabia’s Committee For Protection Of Virtue and Prevention Of Vice has a tipline? Will someone call them about Brokencyde and tell them that band is ruining humanity?