Gossip Girl Spin-Off: Too Soon?

Like a failure of a TV-watcher that I am, I snoozed through Gossip Girl last night. Fret not, I will catch it on the www ASAP. What I have been paying attention to is news on the GG spin-off.

We’ve already got an idea about Lily van der Woodsen’s Almost Famous-esque past, being a Rufus groupie and a-hem, her list.

Some info for those who are completely clueless:

The new series will focus on Lily’s antics in the 80’s. Young Lily will be played by Brittany Snow, who looks eerily like a long lost Olsen twin.

You’ll get your first glimpse of this GG predecessor on May 11th, which is also the episode No Doubt are performing “Stand and Deliver.”

The drama series of the upper east-siders is well into season 2, but are we ready for a spinoff already?