These are a few of my favorite things.

Happy Sunday buzznetty :]

Hope everyone had a gorgeous weekend! I got to relax a little. Went out with friends, went to church, and got to sleep in :] yayyy oh-and I cleaned my room [not so fun]

I feel like sharing with you guys some of my favorite things! Things that aren’t that important but still bring a smile to my face 😀 lol.

Since I’m a fashion designer && fashion is pretty much all I think about I’m starting off with:


A really cute hat always puts me in a good mood. It may sound silly but same goes for bows. I’m obsessed with Little details like that<3 LOOK AT HOW CUUUTE this hat is:

As a fashion designer, I dress and style celebs and models all the time…one thing I noticed is that Most people think they don’t look good in hats. Or that they can’t get away with wearing something over the top. I SAY GO FOR IT! You only live once. WEAR THE HAT YOU WANT WITHOUT CARING WHAT PEOPLE THINK ABOUT YOU! Put on some crazy shoes or a funky dress. =] live a little.

Another thing that puts me in a good mood is TEXTING! Hahah I know that it’s kind of cliché of me but let’s just be honest-when I get a text msg from a cute boy that I like ,it puts a big smile on my face. Or when your best friend texts you something silly and you laugh out loud. Gotta love it<3 I also LOVE to update my twitter from my phone! I’m addicted to it actually. Haha so please add me on twitter if you have one! //

Next on my favorite list is SUSHI <3lol!! I love eating out. My favorite is SUSHI. Yummm. I love going out for sushi-I can’t get sick of it. For my birthday I had my dinner and party at a gorgeous sushi bar in downtown LA. It was on the 21st floor and the view was insane. My friend Brett got me some plastic hellokitty chopsticks for my birthday!! I use them all the time J I always get cucumber rolls! I love vegetarian sushi and tofu.

I’m SO obsessed with LLAMAS!! Hahaha, they are my favorite animals. One day I want to own a llama -a pet llama<3 that would be amazing. Lol I would take it for walks and put jewelry on it-no lie. I designed a LLAMA LLOVE t-shirt and its part of my street wear collection! You can buy it direct on // if you buy it and take a picture in it and email it to me -I will make a little video for you or something =] LOL!

Another favorite of mine is…MAKEUP!! I love playing with different colors and doing really BIG eyelashes when I go out-or go to events! I would have to say my favorite makeup line is JE BEAU COSMETICS // I don’t always wear makeup but if it’s not me getting all done up its my models! Check out this picture from my spring summer collection! The makeup is SO bright and fun. I loved it.

in the picture above alex is wearing a look from my spring/summer 09 collection! find it on my website

What are a few of your favorite things? Maybe fav candy! or song? ANYTHINGGG. Let me know 😀 I’d love to hear from you!

YOURS Truly,

XOXO Jazmin Whitley