No Doubt Giddy About “The Procrastination Tour”

I’m mad jealous of the Bamboozle attendees who get to witness the glory that is No Doubt this coming weekend. But following the Borgata show and Bamboozle comes their big deal tour with Paramore, which means the band begins to write new No Doubt songs! At last!

Gwen Stefani explained how this tour is intended to get their creative juices flowing:

“We’re calling it ‘the procrastination tour’ … well, I am, at least. I’m the biggest procrastinator,” Gwen Stefani laughed. “It’s not their fault, it’s my fault, because I had this whole game plan: ‘OK, I’m gonna go on tour with my last record, I’m gonna come home, I’m gonna get pregnant, I’m gonna have a baby, but while I’m pregnant, I’m gonna make the No Doubt record.’ That was, like, the plan, but it all didn’t work.

“Like, we got a lot of hang-out time and we talked and had so much fun together, but we didn’t actually make too much music,” she continued. “Maybe around 4:45 to 5 o’clock we’d actually play the instruments and then we’d all have dinner. There was a lot of eating going on.”

In an interview with AOL Music, Gwen said she didn’t expect to write any songs while on this tour, but that she knows she needed “to change the atmosphere, get out of my house and not be in mom mode. To be onstage and see people singing those songs that we wrote, there’s nothing more inspiring than that… What we’re searching for is a new direction, new inspiration and new music.”

The tour begins Mat 19 in Fresno, California. I just might sell my soul to go to more than one concert date.

As you may recall from my interview with TOM DUMONT, the band are taking their families on this tour. In the May 2009 issue of Spin, Stefani mentions that for this first time since they formed 23 years ago, they’ll be riding in separate buses. I guess that what it takes to bring your kiddies with you. And their nannies. And your crew.

Don’t forget that No Doubt’s appearance on Gossip Girl airs May 11th! The CW has some photos already, check it:

Ohmygod, I hope youre prepared for the level of fangirl I’m going to reach. Haha.