Disney Ruins Everything (Except for When They Totally Don’t)

So, William Beckett and Demi Lovato wrote a song together.


Anyway, there was this reaction from a lot of William’s fans that this mean, somehow, The Academy Is… would forever be tied to/associated with Disney. Because a member of their band had worked on a song with a girl who happens to be a Disney star. This means that forever and ever The Academy Is… would be nothing more than a bubblegum pop group a la the Jonas Brothers and suddenly Sisky Biz would start bringing up his virginity ring in every interview.

Now, I would normally hope I didn’t have to point out that the whole idea of that happening is utterly ridiculous. But just in case you need further proof? Here are some musicians and musical acts who have worked with Disney before. And I can assure you, when people hear about them/see them, Disney is hardly the first thing that pops into their minds.

Celine Dion:

She performed the radio single version of “Beauty and the Beast,” the theme song from, duh, Beauty and the Beast.

Christina Aguilera:

Aside from being a former Mouskateer, Christina also performed the radio single version of “Reflection” from the movie Mulan.

Sir Elton John:

Performed radio single versions of “The Circle of Life” and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” both from The Lion King

Vanessa Williams

Performed the radio single version of “Colors of the Wind” from Pocahontas

And while we’re talking soundtracks? Guess who appeared on the Anniversary Edition Soundtrack for The Nightmare Before Christmas (which, yes, is a Disney film)?

Oh, and this guy:

Oh yeah. When I hear “Marilyn Manson” the first thing I think of is Disney. Boy howdy!

Want more? Okay:

The Barenaked Ladies

Credited as “BNL,” the group performed “One Little Slip” for the movie Chicken Little.

Oh, and here’s a guy EVERYBODY immediately associates with Disney:


No? But, wait, didn’t they use a bunch of his music in the movie Lilo and Stitch?

Okay, you might say, but that’s doing music for a soundtrack! That’s totally different!

Fine, what about musicians who have been IN Disney movies? Like say, Billy Joel and Bette Midler?

Because both of them provided voices for the movie Oliver and Company.

Hell, Midler even starred in a live action Disney movie, Hocus Pocus (which is one of the best Halloween movies ever, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.)

You know who else was in a Disney live action movie? One of these guys:

Those are the Rolling Stones. One of THE most influential rock groups in history. And they are definitely NOT an act you’d associate with Disney. But, Keith Richards also did this:

Yep, he cameo’d in Pirates of the Carribean 3 as Jack Sparrow’s father.

Oh, but wait, you say. You LIKE those Disney animated films and the live action movies! So working with a Disney pop princess is TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

Right, because the fact is: you don’t like her. So the situation here isn’t really The Academy Is… will forever be a Disney property, but that William Beckett is friends with someone you don’t like. Someone many of you have never even met but feel the need to massively hate on. Look, you don’t have to like her, you don’t have to like that William is working with her, you don’t have to listen to that song. But here’s the thing: You don’t have to go after him on Twitter or on his blog telling him how disgusted you are by him working with Demi. You don’t need to bemoan it as the end of the world as you know it, or at least the end of the scene. And you DON’T have to blame it all on Disney.

After all, Disney gave Aerosmith their own roller coaster. And Aerosmith still sings about going down on a girl during her period. Disney DOESN’T ruin everything.