Best In Tweets: Pete Wentz

Not to completely rip off Absolutepunk (who did an awesome feature about “scene” twitterers worth following, btw), but so much of my life lately consists of watching Pete Wentz and Mark Hoppus talk to each other on Twitter all day.

Here are my favorite PW tweets as of late:

bx congrats on rolling over!!! super proud. thats like the bb equivalent of the four minute mile. sick in belgium but smiling for you always (#)

dear twitter, you get me in trouble with my wife. i say text im going to bed then “13 minutes” later i gotta tell @markhoppus some bad joke (#)

On a plane to arizona. Bb in tow. 7:45 am and already got bden in bed, bill in the bathtub and travie brushing his teeth. Long day ahead (#)

For those of you not in the know, Joe (@trohman), Andy’s crew (@Fuckcity), Patrick’s short film (@moustachette) are all active Tweeters.

Oh and Ashlee Simpson has a twitter, too. She’s @ashsimpsonwentz.

Who are your favorite tweeters? What do you nominate as this week’s favorite tweet?