Alex DeLeon Posts New Song Preview on His Blog!

Alex “Singer” DeLeon of The Cab has kept fans pretty amused with his updates to his blog at Tumblr. He’s used it to discuss touring as well as the thoughts, feelings and meanings behind the songs on The Cab’s breakout CD Whisper War.

But now, DeLeon has done something even cooler with his blog: he’s posted a snippet of a new song.

The clip features a rap by Eloquent, who has previously been seen beatboxing and freestyling with Cab bassist Cash Colligan:

Beat Box Battle

The clip isn’t clean, DeLeon says he can’t give us the good version yet so the posted version features some static. But there’s enough to get a taste of what the song itself sounds like.

You can go here to listen. And then, you can come right back here and share your thoughts! Because if you don’t, I will find you and I will do terrible things to you. I swear it.