“Where The Wild Things Are” Is Comin’ At ‘Cha

It’s been a while since we’ve heard any updates about the big screen release of the beloved short story Where the Wild Things Are. If you’ve been going through update withdrawals, we here at Buzznet have scoured the internet and found some photos that make the wait all worth it. If you want to know Where the Wild Things Are, look no further!

About a year ago, for all those that can remember, Buzznet got into a little trouble for releasing a “sneak peek” of the film Where the Wild Things Are. PanasonicYouth, Master of the Internet, managed to get some footage of the film that was deemed by Spike Jonze himself as test footage. You can read the full comment Jonze by going here. Thank goodness PanasonicYouth didn’t get into too much trouble, or he would’ve been working at some record store like Amoeba.

Speaking of getting into trouble, I hope that doesn’t happen to me for showing you the following stills from the film. The fine folks at USA Today even wrote their own little story about the goings-on of the 1963 classic children’s story turned movie. There is even mention of the trailer hitting the theaters this Friday along with the release of Monsters Vs. Aliens. Read more by going here.

Picture time!

These stills look amazing. For more photos, go check out the USA Today article.

If these stills are any indication of what’s to come from the film, I can’t wait to start my own ‘wild rumpus!’ What about you?