“Watchmen” Sequel Officially in the Works

It wasn’t too long after Watchmen‘s opening weekend that DC comics launched a site called “After Watchmen, What’s Next?” And of course, the film industry was asking itself the same thing. In a world built on superhero movies as FRANCHISES, where did Alan Moore’s stand alone “Watchmen” story fit?

Well, here’s the answer: it didn’t. So, it should really come as no surprise that Warner has announced that they are officially beginning production on a Watchmen sequel.

Tentatively titled Watchmen 2: The Countdown, the film will shift it’s focus from the 1980’s and the retired and not-so-much vigilantes from the comic and the first film. Instead, it will direct it’s unflinching gaze onto Anastasia “Stacy” Dreiberg, daughter of the now-married Nite Owl and Silk Spectre. Despite her parents warnings, Stacy has taken up the Nite Owl mantle and uses her father’s technology and her parent’s combined fighting skills to try and restore some order to the streets.

The film will take place in the late 1990’s, focusing on Y2K and the threat of Armageddon the world faced at the time. Only in this universe, the threat comes from a very different source: a Russian clone of Dr. Manhattan known was “Professor Chernobyl.” While the cloning was begun prior to the events of the first Watchmen film, it was shelved after the Manhattan Situation. However, the clone completed himself and is now seeking revenge on Adrian Veidt, who he blames for his situation, as well as the rest of the original Watchmen.

The team to stop him is supposedly composed of Stacy/Nite Owl III (rumored casting says Kristin Stewart is a favorite for the role, however her Twilight franchise scheduling may put her out of the running), a young man who slowly comes to discover he may in fact be Rorschach’s illegitimate son (ideally played by Ryan Gosling according to production notes), a taxi driver just sort of mixed up in all of it (Dane Cook is reportedly in talks) as well as Veidt’s heir apparent (Katy Perry has reportedly already signed on to make her acting debut in the role).

While Zach Snyder and the rest of the original cast have refused to return for the project, director McG, of Charlie’s Angels and Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle will apparently helm the project.

Another important thing to take note of is the redesigned Rorschach mask. What does this inkblot look like to you guys?