Watchmen – I Herd U Liek It

$55.7 million dollars is a lot of 20 sided dice. That dollar amount is the weekend take home for Zac Snyder’s take on the beloved graphic novel Watchmen. While many a fan crawled out from their basement’s and quit playing World of Warcraft long enough to watch Watchmen, the opening weekend fell short of it’s box office expectations. Speaking of expectations, how did this film adaptation meet up to yours?

I didn’t really expect much going into this movie. Yes, I read the graphic novel and yes, I engaged in online discussions about said graphic novel. The reason why I wasn’t expecting much was because film adaptations of anything are usually pretty awful. Just think of any Stephan King book that was made into an on screen vomit fest. All the nuances and things your mind create when reading a book become lost in the condensed soup version of a film that is watered down by Hollywood.

The film for me was much like the book in that I couldn’t wait for the beginning to pick up the pace and the character development/story arc were amazing. I didn’t hate the ending but it pretty much killed the entire film for me. You can read what are basically my feelings about the film in PanasonicYouth‘s little review here. The only thing I didn’t like about Mark’s review didn’t have enough of this:

We also have reviews of some people who love it. Jenrrray and Brianfax went to the movies this weekend and Jen wrote an amazing review of Watchmen and Dr. Manhattan’s p33n which you can read by clicking this: =^..^=. Also, LynseyJ raved about the film in her post here.

The verdicts are slowly coming in from the fine folks at Buzznet’s “Mourn The Squid” group. To post your thoughts, check the thread “What’s The Verdict?

I have also enclosed a nifty little poll for you to click. I took me FOREVER to design the right images for this so go and check it out. You can read it by clicking the following – OMG POLL!

The reviews that I posted seem to be echoing throughout the Watchmen community. What are your thoughts?