Seattle Smackdown: Harry Potter vs. Twilight

Do your weekends need more life to them? Or more specifically, do your weekends need more feverish arguments about Edward Cullen and Hermione Granger? This past Saturday, Team Read put on a Harry Potter vs. Twilight debate at the Seattle Public Library. Yes, that’s what went down .

Teens, ‘tweens, teachers and a random dude in his 30’s are still coming to blows in the comments section of the Seattle Times. Did that have that have any impact on the actual outcome? Questionable. Teams of young readers presented their arguments and audience members decided the winner. But who cares who they picked?

I’m not permitted to take either side just yet, as I have not read any of J.K. Rowling’s series. But let’s have a little fun here, shall we? Because I know the lot of you are highly opinionated.

Those of you who have dipped into both Stephenie Meyer’s sparkly-vamp series and Rowling’s fantastic wizardry, answer these questions:

Why do you prefer “Twilight” over “Harry Potter”? Or vice versa.

Compare Stephenie Meyer’s writing style with J.K. Rowling’s

Who’s your favorite “Twilight” character? Who’s your favorite “Harry Potter” character?

Identify a theme in “Harry Potter” and/or “Twilight” that speaks to you strongly.

Any other questions that should be included? Let’s do this. Since we all couldn’t be at the Seattle Public Library last weekend. Oh, and play nice.