On The Road With Chaos: Pretty Oli, Shifty Buses And Karaoke

Sweet baby jebus, I think I should’ve taken some Dramamine before I went to bed last night. This bus obviously isn’t like, the mercedes of it’s kind. My bunk is comfy but I swear I felt like we were off-roading in a jeep. Are there not paved roads between Chicago and Minneapolis?

Alright, so, yesterday — I touched down in Chicago at 4, stumbled around with my luggage ’til I found a shuttle, sat in gridlock on the 190… or maybe 90? I looked at all the boxy houses and trees with no leaves on my drive to the Vic Theater. Also, I looked for signs that the city was hometown-sh to Fall Out Boy. And The Academy Is… and The Hush Sound. Found not a single one. Psh.

Walked into the venue as Pierce The Veil was going on. They actually sounded good. But the singer, Vic, looks exactly like this guy I know named Jessie, who was the dude in charge on the Music Saves Lives bus. I kept wanting to shout OMG HI JESSIE. Except, you know, it wasn’t him.

I met the ever-radiant being that is John Ortega (ounceofwentz), which words really can’t describe because he is like sunshine and happiness in human form. It’s true.

I watched Four Year Strong, who are my bus mates for the next few days AND the only band on this tour to find a home in my iTunes library.

Everyone went apeshit when the Bring Me The Horizon banner dropped. Just the banner! And then the entire theatre went bezerk once the band actually started.

Oli Sykes, you hot mess.

I went to the bus to arrange my junk and I met the merch guys, Josh and ‘C’. I checked my tweets and my massive amount of only slightly important email… then I went back inside and watched some Thursday. During the last portion of their set they dropped big black balloons, which was kind if a nice change from confetti (even though I admittedly ADORE confetti).

After I said goodbye to the bundle of happiness known as John, I hung on the bus until Josh was like “Were going to Trader Todd’s, interested?” And I was, because that sounds like distant relative or Trader Joe’s.

I had a drink and some shots with these girls who were close friends of the band. Vic from Pierce The Veil was singing karaoke. lulz.

Then we went to L&L something or other (not Hawaiian BBQ–this note is mostly for my sister) where I admired Geoff from Thursdays big fluffy jacket and he told someone that he was dissapointed in their Chicago audience. Aw.

I felt like it was okay to stand outside with the smokers because when everyone breathes in Chicago so it looks like smoke, n’ah mean?

And then mynewfriendmegan says goodbye and goes “Tell OLIVER I said goodnight!” (we had been discussing his prettiness earlier) and it turned out Oli’s little brother is on the tour and was standing right behind her.

Ladies, he’s cute, and 19.


That concludes day 1. My hair is dirty and I would still kill for some Taco Bell.