Paramore Change Recording Plans

Paramore have ditched their plans to record in their hometown of Franklin, TN, and are instead coming to sunny california! During a bout of insomnia, Hayley Williams filled fans in on the band’s official LiveJournal.

honestly, i’m just anxious to get into the studio. we start next sunday. we’ll actually be heading to california instead of keeping to our original plan to make the record here at home… which is a-okay! in fact, i’m pretty pumped to be getting out of the sloppy weather we’ve had here in franklin. as most of you know by now, we’ll be making the record with mr. Rob Cavallo… we’re very excited!!! it’s gonna be a good time. we’ll be keeping you guys as updated as possible from the studio. i know brandon (videographer) is gonna be out there with us.. that should be interesting. to say the least!

and that’s about all i have to tell you guys. we’re a week away from making our 3rd full length record.

An exciting time is upon us! I can’t wait for new tuneage. Maybe I’ll bump into them at Swingers on Beverly. All the cool kids go there. Even though they started watering down their ranch dressing.

Actually, the band didn’t even say they’re recording in LA, did they? So I should, perhaps, stop inventing these false scenarios?

After recording Pmore will be embarking on their nationwide tour with NO DOUBT and The Sounds.

In case you missed it, listen to the interview I did with Tom Dumont of No Doubt and hear him say how much Paramore reminds them of their own band.