New Found Glory At The Avalon 3/28/09

I spent earth hour at The Avalon watching Bayside open for New Found Glory. In case anyone was wondering, yes, all the lights were off in my house.

First things first: WTF, Live Nation:

I have a ticket wall. This new design doesn’t jive. Granted, I like having the paper memory but what happened to going green, eh? I guess if tickets are this big I’m going to need to move somewhere with more wallspace. It’s really the only solution.

After a delicious dinner at Vegan House and numerous "WTF" moments walking down Hollywood Blvd (It was just one of those nights), we got to the venue and watched Bayside, who I love in a way that means I will always watch their show, and even listen to and buy their music–but I couldn’t sing a single word if my life depended on it. Then again, I have the same relationship with many Saves The Day songs. It’s "mumble mumble [insert kitchen utensil] [insert violent action] [insert body part] muble mumble mumble."

After Bayside’s set, I secured my spot (barricade behind sound booth) and I totally spotted Josh Farro of Paramore wading through the crowd. I tweeted this, obvs. Then I saw the rest of Paramore straggle in, minus Hayley Williams. They stood a few people behind us the whole time, and they didn’t get totally scream-barded by children. I bet they enjoyed that. Every so often I looked back to see if they were into it.

Then the loves of my pop-punk life took the stage and my heart swelled and my feet left the floor and the girl in front of me nearly elbowed me in the teeth.

Set list:

"Listen To Your Friends"


"Truth Of My Youth"

"Forget My Name"

"Right Where We Left Off"

"All Downhill From Here" (omg, I love this one live. esp the "and you keep pulling me DOWN" part)

"Sincerely Me"


"Don’t Let Her Pull You Down"


"Hit Or Miss"

"Head On Collision"

"I’ll Never Love Again"

"Failure’s Not Flattering" + "I Love It When They Call Me Big Poppa"

"Dressed 2 Kill"

-Chad talks about his love for all the bands on this tour and how legit they are. Also says NFG will "never break up." !!!

"Dont You Forget About Me" w/ Anthony from Bayside

"Too Good To Be" (acoustic)

-Jordan talks about Rock of Love and Bret Michaels "kissy face" and he ponders his ladies at the end of the show. Plus a little impromptu performance of "More Than Words"

"Truck Stop Blues"

"Intro" + "My Friends Over You"

I was kinda hoping Hayley would make an appearance to perform the "It Ain’t Me " cover like she did at Bamboozle Left last year , but it was still a solid enough show that I left thinking, "I should totally get an NFG tattoo."

I feel this way after every show .

Oh, you were wondering what my favorite 21 NFG songs were? Because I totally made that list like 2 years ago. It might be time to revisit given the new album and all.

Anyway, I love them, you should ABSOLUTELY attend this show when it gets to your ‘hood and a big thank you to Epitaph for getting me into the show and signing my favorite band in life.