Hayley Williams Is Not Engaged

In case you got caught up in the whirlwind rumor that Paramore’s red-headed leader got engaged to her boyfriend, Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory, Hayley has taken to the band’s official blog to say it ain’t so.

i had no idea i was engaged! i’m so happy for myself! in case you guys have seen the post floating around the interweb, i just wanted to state for the record that chad and i are not engaged. haha i feel so ridiculous posting about this… but hopefully i’m posting enough in advance that most of you haven’t even heard all this, yet. ooh lordy. so, now you’ve heard it here… the rumors are not true…thank you and goodnight!!!hayley
The couple have been dating for almost a year now, and Chad ended his marriage with Eisley’s Sherri DuPree in 2007.

Way to sever that rumor, Hales. I think you’re a super adorable couple and all, but perhaps it would’ve been too soon?

How awkward do you think it is for celebs/rock stars when there’s an engagement rumor and that’s a subject that haven’t even rumbled with intimately? I feel like there are so many wrong ways to react to such a rumor, at least in the eyes of the significant other. Whew.

Bad rumor mongers, bad!