I don’t know if anyone bought the practice stripper pole.

Today we were in Louisville, Kentucky at this venue called the EXPO 5 and its sort of weird and sketchy because it’s in this thing that looks like an aviation hangar but hosts this bizarre flea market. I say bizarre because right when I walked in I found myself under a neon sign that said "Buy a practice pole!" You know, as in stripper pole. Makes sense, I suppose, since there are 5 strip joints in a row across the street, but that doesn’t make me feel any less creeped out.

A lot of the boys bought these bb guns (?) and Vic from Pierce The Veil bought Four Year Strong a sweet dreamcatcher with a wolf on it. That was nice of him. The upside is I met Jenna, who is adorable, and who will undoubtedly have awesome photos from tonight’s show.

For anyone wondering, the cutest person on the tour isn’t Oli Sykes. It’s this guy named Chris who’s traveling with them (bmth). Freaking adorable! But I’ll be embarrassed if he reads this.

Denny’s was an adventure — fys and bmth piled into ptv’s rv to get there.

There were a lot of kids and one girl in particular who was oversharing in the parking lot. Note: When you lost your virginity, even if it WAS just 2 weeks ago, is not an appropriate conversation starter.

Our maniacal bus driver tore off 2 AC units and the satellite on his way to pick us up from Denny’s. Fool knows he’s getting fired, so he’s driving even worse tonight. I don’t often swear out loud but I yelled JESUS FUCKING CHRIST after we did a series of rumbles over what felt like dead bodies. Annnnd now I’m sort of getting motion sick. Night kids.