My Chemical Romance Isn’t Into “Twilight”

News broke awhile back that My Chemical Romance, despite supposedly being a huge influence on Stephenie Meyer’s writing, would NOT be appearing on the soundtrack for New Moon. And now, they’ve gone into a little more detail on why not.

Apparently, because none of the band members have read the series. Nor are they interested in doing so.

While Ray Toro’s wife has apparently read the books, according to Frank Iero the band members themselves have not bought into the phenomenon. “None of us has read that. It’s not something we’d be huge fans of, so we wouldn’t be interested in it.”

However, Gerard Way waxes philosophical on the books, despite having never read them. He says “…there’s probably sexual undercurrents in it and …I get why it’s a big thing. Like ‘The Crow’ was really big when we were in high school. It reminds me of the next ‘Crow’ in a way.”

Oh, Gerard. It really is obvious you know nothing about those books. About the only thing Twilight has in common with The Crow is that both franchises’ merchandise is sold at Hot Topic. And while Brandon Lee died while filming The Crow, the only thing Twilight seems poised to kill is a few careers.

Surprised that MCR hasn’t read these “world wide best sellers?” Appalled that Gerard compared Twilight and The Crow? Think it’s wise that the boys who write “Vampires Will Never Hurt You” are avoiding books about vampires who glitter in the sunlight? Share your thoughts!