My Buzznet Anniversary Contest: How Well Do You Know Me…

So, I’ve been at Buzznet THREE years now, and so many of you have been following for every step! For fun, and because everyone likes free stuff, I decided to do a little contest to see how well you know me… below are 12 questions — pick 5, answer the correctly in the comments and you’ll be automatically entered to win a goodie bag full of my favorite things worth $100! Sweet deal, eh? Here we gooo…

1. Who’s buses did I ride on for Warped 2008?

2. Which 2 members of Paramore did I interview on Warped ’08?

3. What Buzznet member’s clothing brand was a wearing on Warped ’08?

Hints: Pssst, here.

4. What did I “win” last year?

5. What song am I driving/lipsyncing to in a videoblog from ’07?

6. What 2 other Buzznet staff live in the same apartment building as I do?

Hints: Look in here. And peruse this.

7. What MTV show did I used to recap?

8. Name 2 celebrities who have complimented my hair

9. What interview did I do right after getting my lip pierced (omg fat lip)?

Hints: This may or may not help.

10. What was the theme of my last birthday party?

11. What breakfast food do I like to eat for dinner?

12. What kind of perfume do I wear?

Hints: Look in here.

Contest ends MONDAY March 9th at MIDNIGHT.