After reviewing some pictures of myself I’ve decided…

That I like when my hair is darker. Blonde streaks w/ almost black. So, for my next appointment, I’m just gonna take it back to blonde and black. I tried to be a blonde. I tried. It just isn’t me.

Other things:

Did you know doodling improves your memory? I hope all the Buzznet higher ups read this, because Elrich and I doodle a lot during meetings.

I want to buy a hoola hoop. Is that weird? I hear its a good workout, and it seems more fun than some things.

I think I need these to make me cooler at work
And I think maybe I could rock these American Apparel socks – y/n?

Um, or maybe I just want things that are pink/black/white this month. Ha.

I’m reading “Take a Nap, Change Your Life” by Sara C. Mendrick.

I’m craving coconut sorbet.

And I’m going on part of Taste of Chaos starting next week. Sheet! I am such a weenie when it comes to cold weather, I don’t know how I will even survive all those non-sunny, non-SoCal places. Will any of you be at the Chicago TOC date?