She Kissed Paris’ (Former) Boy… And Liked It?

Katy Perry might not have scored big at the Grammy Awards, but it looks like she might have scored somewhere else. The newly-single singer, who split with Gym Class Heroes‘ Travis McCoy at the beginning of the year, may have a new flame.

Perry was spotted out over Valentine’s Day weekend with none other than Benji Madden of Good Charlotte. After her Saturday Night show at the Hard Rock Hotel’s Wasted Space, the pair were seen hanging out and apparently acting fairly affectionate. Madden, who recently split with celebutante Paris Hilton, was in town to DJ and, according to People, he “danced for Perry during several songs – and at those rare times when their hands weren’t on each other’s legs.”

While neither has made anything official, apparently an observer spotted “some chemistry there.” However, it’s entirely possible that both Benji and Katy have just gotten out of long term relationships and are looking to have a little bit off fun. Who knows, right?

What would you think of a Benji-Katy hook up?