Headliners Announced for Bamboozle Left: Fall Out Boy and 50 Cent

SoCal kids have already been stoked on the roster for Bamboozle Left, hitting Irvine on April 4th and 5th. Skipping all that cryptic message biznass, the headliners for both Saturday and Sunday have been announced. Fall Out Boy were a solid prediction ahead of time (having an opening on their Believers Never Die Tour) but 50 Cent?

Fiddy, srsly? Not gonna lie, I am far too white and far too pop-punk to be in that audience. All I know about 50 is that he’s been shot nine times. Is this rapper secretly loved by the scene? Clue me in. Give me some insight.

Set times will be announced on March 30th, so you can plan your entrance/exit accordingly. Remember to give yourself an hour to stand in line or so.

Whatchu think, potential attendees? I’m obvs thrilled about FOB, but I would actually like to see a full set from them as opposed to a shortened “festival” set. Hmm.