What’s Going On With Blink 182?

We know they’re back to bonding like the three amigos we knew them as. We know that a tour will be happening this summer. All that is magnificent, but what are the little happenings in between explosive Blink announcements?

SupJustin posted a scan of their recent Rolling Stone article, which ends with The Academy Is… singer/beanpole William Beckett saying that when he found out the band was getting back together, he was “losing my mind on my blog.”

That must be a special kind of losing your mind.

Photo courtesy of Paul Rosenberg

However, not everyone had the same positive reaction to the reunion. Some drama unfolded this week between Mark Hoppus and Spin blogger Ellen Carpenter, who wrote that the band should be given an economic stimulus package so they wouldn’t have to reunite and make a “subpar” album. Hoppus, being the omniscient wisecracker that he is, responded by saying, “Come on, one subpar album? More like “SEVERAL TERRIBLY subpar albums…”

Carpenter then replied to the reply, saying she got this impression because of how terrified/awkward/unstoked they looked at the Grammy’s. Mark responded to that by explaining the pre-stage fiasco that almost got them pulled from presenting that night.

Some people are cheering. Some people are looking at us like we’re there to move the stage sets. But there is no podium. None. Nothing. Nowhere to stand. No podium. No desk. No beautiful model motioning us where to go. No tape-marked “X” marking the spot. Just an open stage and whole lot of people watching us. I walk out first and have NO CLUE where we’re supposed to be. I look helplessly at a cameraman. His camera has a red light on it. We’re live on TV. Damn this is a big arena. Where the hell are we supposed to go?!?! Whoa, I just saw Diddy!! I wander around aimlessly for a few seconds before nearly walking directly into the microphone rising up out of the floor. I almost put an end to that thing. Seriously. Deep breath.

See? This is good communication in action. If that were a therapy sesh, I would nod and say, “Well, glad we made some progress here.”

The Hoppus is also on Twitter for all you tweeters—so is Blink but, like, they don’t update.

Did I miss anything?

I wonder who they’ll go on tour with…