Dream Blog 1/5/09

So last night I had a weird dream. Some of Vanessa Hudgens mail came to my house by accident. Normally, (and by that I mean in real life), I’d just leave it in the mailbox until the postman surrenders and takes it back.

Vanessa Hudgens, divorcee

BUT, one of the envelopes was a very important court document — divorce papers. Baby V was apparently divorcing someone named Justin. I thought it important that this mail get to her, so I’m like, hmm, who could I give it to?

Miley – friend or foe?

And then there was Miley Cyrus, saying she would get it to V. Where did Miley come from and why was she like, 6 foot 2? I don’t know. I was skeptical of giving the mail to Miley, but she swore up and down that they were friends and she’d make the delivery. So I gave it to her.

The end.