Cinematic fever dreams

Would be a cool band name, right? Don’t take it, bishes, it’s mine.

Anyway, I’m recovering (?) from an unpleasant flu (as IF there’s such a thing as a ‘pleasant flu’), and I had a few really vivid dreams/nightmares. I can’t remember them all, but what I do remember…

  • Stealing a pack of necklaces that were $80 accidentally because the store didn’t have an audible alarm. A police woman who looked like Angelina Jolie tracked me down and took me back to the store. I cried, my mom paid for the necklaces.
  • My sister and I deciding to take all the door handles in our old house off. Also, we were flying while doing this. And singing.
  • Some sort of technology got EMBEDDED in the side of my face, which made me shed half of my facial skin like a snake. Mom knew some sort of acupuncture cure so she fixed me.
  • I also had a dream that I told someone on facebook about the door handle dream.

How do I even tell real life from dreams anymore?

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