Youtube Doesn’t Want Your Guilty Pleasure

Remember that awesome “home video” Cobra Starship put together for their single “Guilty Pleasure?” And how awesome it was? Well, in case you don’t, I wanted to link you to Youtube, but unfortunately I can’t do that anymore.

Because, as Absolute Punk has reported, Youtube has removed the “Guilty Pleasure” video due to “a copyright claim from a third party.”

And now, upon further research, it appears that the behind the scenes “making of” video AND the Spanish Language version of the song were also removed. You can check it all out for yourself on Fueled By Ramen’s official Cobra Starship video playlist here.

No word on why these have been removed as of yet, but knowing Cobra we’ll have some kind of statement on the situation. Possibly with some colorful language. Unless Gabe Saporta‘s too busy Twittering and chilling down in Uruguay and rehabbing his “homosexual” voice to care about some Youtube related BS.

What do you say about the video removals? Anyone out there got any inside information that might make this tragedy make sense? Maybe an indepth report from Mr. Guy Ripley, BBC?