the worst is over now and we can breathe again.

guten morgen, eh, abend.

it’s 12:10 pm. i got up at 10 this morning. i love being up in the day, but when i go to bed early and wake up early it drains me. i’m tired all day. i feel like i could just sleep the whole day and night away. pretty horrible feeling.

so i’ve got a cool idea for a new ‘photoshoot’. i’ll just say that it involves hair and scissors. it should be good. i don’t know when i’ll get around to doing it though. probably not for a while.

have you ever dreamed that you got hurt and then woke up and really been hurt? well i dreamed that one of my friends fell out of a tree and hurt her neck. now my neck is really sore. i don’t understand stuff like that. don’t dreams confuse you? haha. i slept for so long that i had like 48389 dreams. none of them were that interesting though. but they all involved either hannah and rebekah or tokio hotel lol. when you think of a dream what comes to your mind first? for me, it’s this picture.

that just seems to fit. such a gorgeous picture. dreams have always been purple and blue to me. *going synesthesia here* haha.

tonight i have church, tomorrow i’m going out shopping. maybe i’ll run into -someone- in walmart. gosh i hope so. man i’m hungry haha.

anyway, nothing that interesting to say, just wanted to write a bunch of junk. i have some phone calls to make. i hate talking on the phone.

talk to you later loves. xoxo