Update: Katy Perry Still Kissing Humans

So, yesterday, it was reported that Katy Perry had taken a vow of celibacy for the year 2009. In the article on Buzznet, fans were warned that the comment was likely tongue-in-cheek, since Perry has announced she doesn’t like talking about her private life. Also, because LULZ Katy Perry.

Well, as it turns out? The celibacy thing, much like Perry’s bi-curiousity, was a joke.

Katy’s response to people jumping on her comment was “I am not going to be celibate. That was a joke, and any fine journalist would have got that. Please, celibacy for the whole year? I’d rather die.” She went on to say “I’m a continual prankster and a jokester, and people forget that you have to interpret that if I’m telling a joke.”

This is not the first time Perry has felt her “humor” went unnoticed and unappreciated. Last year, she called herself “a skinnier version” of British artist Lily Allen. Perry later claimed that comment was just a joke, saying “Yeah, I made a joke about [that] earlier this year. I was just kind of joking and trying to be funny. I didn’t mean anything by it. Comedians are not necessarily to be taken super seriously.” Note for the future, Katy: when you basically call somebody “fat?” Saying “it was just a joke” really doesn’t make anything better.

Also? “Why so serious?” was the Joker’s catchphrase, not yours.

Back to the celibacy: to be fair, the fact that she followed up her celibacy comment with mention of kissing her cat? Really SHOULD have tipped off more people that she likely wasn’t serious about it. And the press should by now be used to Katy saying/doing things like that. As I mentioned, the Buzznet article did contain a disclaimer that “we should probably assume this comment is tongue-in-cheek. After all, taking anything Katy Perry says (or sings) at face value, especially when it pertains to who she is or isn’t kissing, hasn’t been proven to be 100% accurate in the past.”

I stand by my point.