Stay chic

Hey Buzzzznet friends! 🙂

I hope everyone is having a gorgeous 09 so far! I’ve been working on soo many things this month that I can’t wait to share with youuuuu! including an entire NEW collection YAYayyay.

Honestly,I just want to share with you a little fashion tip:I think you can be crazy with fashion,be BOLD with fashion be funn and new but always STAY CHIC! Sure,be a little funky at times but NEVER tacky. If you have an important event or occasion to attend STAY CHIC! Simple things can be Oh-So gorgeous. I love classic and timeless cuts and colors. Here are some pictures from my winter collection tha are SOOO simple-yet chic and timelesss…

When staying very simple and chic you can always add a pop of color by wearing RED lipstick or maybe some bright/fun high heels. Right now I’m really into wearing black & grey & white I love the muted tones toooo! browns and gold and dry looking colorsss. Here is a picture of me wearing my Li Cari little black dress and a grey coat from my winter collection

Have a great weeeek loves!


Yours Truly,

designer Jazmin Whitley