Pete Wentz: Not a Household Name When You’re Lil Wayne

GQ Magazine recently did a quirky interview with rapper Lil Wayne. Why do we care? Because Pete Wentz has apparently unplugged from the internet and were sort of having withdrawals. And this article mentions Pete Weiss. I mean, Pete Wentz.

When the mag asked what the artist had been listening to, he said, “I only listen to me. I’m not trying to be funny. I’m just analyzing. Critical. Seeing what I like what I don’t like. Say what I should have said. What I could say next time, what I should have said, things like that. I’ve been playing the drum set. Pete Weiss. Pete Wentz. Whatever. That dude from Fall Out Boy? He gave me a bass guitar, so I’m playing bass on my new song. I been trying things.


Lil Wayne provided guest vocals on the Folie a Deux track “Tiffany Blews.”