Pete and Ashlee Ring In the New Year, Make Resolutions

Looks like the Simpson-Wentz’s got a sitter on New Years Eve so they could host a bash at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas. Ashlee shed her red-headedness since her post-preg status allowed her to go blonde once again.

“I couldn’t put bleach to my head while I was pregnant, so I’m happy to be blonde again,” she reveals, adding that’s also working to get back her pre-baby bod. “I’m being a mom. I’m breast-feeding and when I get a chance to work out, I’m working out” she told OK! Magazine.

Oh take your time, bb. You already look fantastic.

In an effort to make sure that baby Bronx’s first words aren’t of the four-letter variety (unless its Mama or Dada, obvs), Pete has made a resolution to watch his language.

“I’m working on not swearing around Bronx…I know I have a bit of a bad mouth,” he admits, while Ashlee chimes in, “I’m more of a ‘Gee golly!’ kind of person.”

That reminds me of my favorite episode of Newlyweds. Jessica Simpson decides to stop saying “Oh My God” and insteads responds to everything by saying “Oh My GAH.” She drives everyone up the wall and it’s fantastic. I can’t find the clip online, but there is proof this happened via Urban Dictionary.