Gabe Saporta’s Healin’ Cords and Wasted Inspiration

Cobra Starship are stoked to be one of the big bands on Fall Out Boy’s Believers Never Die Part Deux tour, but Gabe Saporta isn’t convinced his golden pipes will be all well and healed by Spring.

Saporta recently spoke to MTV about his concerns, which began during the ’08 Warped Tour.

“So, like, one morning we had to take the stage at, like, 11:30 in the morning, and I never wake up before 2:30 in the afternoon, but I had to roll out of bed and get dressed and take the stage, and as soon as I was singing, I thought, ‘F—, I totally strained my vocal cords.’ I could just feel it.”

He went in for surgery on December 17th, but admits he’s not healing up that quick.

“I’m a little concerned that it might affect the band and the tour. I mean, I’ll drive the train right into the f—ing ground if I have to, but on the other hand, it’d be a shame if my voice blew out and the whole thing went to hell. Now I have to think about stuff like that, you know, my boys and my band and stuff. And it’s a little worrying; I’m not going to lie.”

He also talked about his inspirations for the next album — I’m betting all of you fiesty fightin’ types may find an anthem in the next Cobra disc.

“I’ve discovered that the best way to get lyrical inspiration has just been to go out all the time. And not just go out, but, like, go out, get as intoxicated as possible, get in trouble, get kicked out of a place. It’s not fun for me to go out unless I get kicked out and get hammered. I don’t want to have a conversation about politics, I just wanna get trashed. And the only place I can do that is in New York City. Everywhere else, if you get out of hand, people get afraid. In NYC, if you get drunk and start f—ing with people, they’ll f— with you right back. And I love that confrontation. It may not be super-healthy, but I love it … so there’s a lot of that on the new album.”
Ok, not to get all mom on him, but could this be part of the reason he’s not healing so fast? Silly Gabe.