Fall Out Boy Meets President Barack Obama, Helps Him Begin Acclimating

Fall Out Boy‘s lead guitarist’s name is not, in fact, “Obama.” But when Joe Trohman got to meet the newly inaugurated 44th President of the United States of America, that was the only name he could remember.

Fall Out Boy had the chance to meet new President Barack Obama yesterday, the same day they rocked out at one of the multitude of Presidential Balls held in D.C. to celebrate President Obama’s official swearing in as the Commander in Chief of the USA. However, when it came time to meet President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, the band wasn’t quite sure of what was going on. In a video posted to MTV.com, Joe and lead singer Patrick Stump talk about the experience. Stump calls getting to meet President Obama “an honor.”

And of course, it’s very nice of Joe to help President Obama get acclimated to his new title. “I just made sure to call him ‘president’ a lot. I’m sure he wants to hear that more now,” he explains.

Stump breaks in with “Yeah, he’s got to get used to hearing it.”

“Yeah, gotta get used to it…PRESIDENT!” Joe adds.

I figure it’s best to do the same. Here’s to you, President Obama!