Fall Out Boy Deliver ‘America’s Suitehearts’ Video

New Year, new Fall Out Boy video! On the first fine day of 2009, the band premiered their music video for “America’s Suitehearts.” Were you busy sleeping off your New Year’s Eve shenanigans? Or outside training for that marathon you’re going to run this year? Well then, let’s watch together…

My thoughts:

  • I dig the Patrick-centricness.
  • The circus vibe reminds me a tad of Panic at the Disco
  • I like the artwork. Creepy-exaggerated and effective
  • There’s a lot going on in this video. I feel like perhaps there are things were meant to decode.

That said, I’m not in the mood for much decoding today. Did you find any interesting tidbits, my little buzz-sleuths? Sharing is caring.