Dear MTV: Please to Be Laying Off of Katy Perry’s Love Life

Yesterday, Katy Perry made a statement in her Buzznet blog that she did not talk about her personal life or relationships. Which is only fair, because even if she’s a Grammy nominated, chart topping musician, she’s still a human being and really shouldn’t feel obligated to explain, excuse or even talk about the break-up unless she really wants to.

However, since Perry’s sudden split with Travis McCoy of the Gym Class Heroes, it seems like that’s all people want to talk about with her. And today, MTV went over the top in an article that was supposed to be about Katy’s Grammy nomination and upcoming “Hello Katy” tour.

The video that accompanies the article isn’t the problem. The interviewer approaches the question as best as I could assume MTV would, simply asking if Katy and Travis were on good terms and if they had spoken (HUGE HINT MTV: Add Travie’s blog to your RSS feed. That should give you an idea of what kind of terms he’s on with Katy right now). However, the article is single minded in it’s focus.

Yeah, yeah, we said that already — but what about you and Travis? What went wrong?Oh, that’s cool, you have a tour coming up. That should be fun — but have you spoken to Travis lately? How’s he doing?Yeah, 2008 was a big year for you. “I Kissed a Girl,” blah, blah, blah — but are you working on any Travis songs? Will we see that on your next record?Yeah, the Grammys. I bet they’ll be a blast — but will it be hard not having Travis by your side? Do you know who you’re going to bring instead?Oh. So I guess we’re not going to talk about Travis then …

Of course she’s not going to talk about Travis! Has no one yet gotten the hint that Katy does not want to talk about what happened with her and Mr. McCoy? No? Well, take this as your hint then: Katy has a huge 2009 already slated. Huge tour, Grammy nomination, Grammy performance and supposedly a new album in the works. She is one of the top young women in music today. And all you want to talk about is her recent breakup? Seriously?

It’s not just annoying on a “leave her personal life alone” level, it’s also annoying on a “is that really all you want to focus on” level. Seriously, I don’t even like Katy Perry’s music but I see a huge problem with interviewers focusing less on that and more on who she is or isn’t dating. Yes, I’m sure that the relationship is going to influence her music and at least one song about the breakup is probably unavoidable, but at the same time, odds are Travis is already penning a song about his side of the story for the next Gym Class Heroes album. But both of these people, Travis and Katy, exist outside of each other and their relationship. While I’m sure the breakup is one their minds because it happened so recently, it doesn’t mean that’s all their thinking about. It doesn’t mean that’s all they want to talk about. It just means it happened to them, the same way it happens to everyone else in the world.

More importantly: if there’s something Katy Perry won’t talk about in order to get more famous (she has declared that she’ll do “anything for attention”), maybe that should be taken as a hint that she’s drawn a serious line there.