What Would It Take to Get Naked Photos of Brendon Urie?

By now, everybody knows about those nude photos of Pete Wentz, right? But let’s face it, those were not great quality and were never supposed to be seen by the world. And, if you’re like me, kind of perverted, you’re thinking “Wow, wouldn’t it be great if we could get nice, professional nudes of a member of the Decaydance family?”

Never fear. Because a member of Panic at the Disco has given the world new hope for tasteful nudes.

In an interview with Kerrang magazine, Brendon Urie has stated that he would pose nude for a magazine for “a couple grand.” “I like being naked most of the time,” he stated. “Make me an offer and we’ll negotiate.”

The interview also talks about Brendon’s choice of superpowers (invisibility, but only if “unlimited powers” was not an option), his bad habits (nail biting), what he would have done if Panic hadn’t taken off (gotten his Doctorate in music, something he says he might still look into) and his most bad ass moment (getting kicked out of high school his freshman year for smoking weed). But come on, let’s face it, the important thing here is the man confessed he’d pose naked for a few thousand dollars. I’ll be taking donations starting right about….now.

But in all honesty, what do you think? Would you be interested in seeing Brendon’s nudes?