Get Your Vote On: Buzznet Awards!

It’s the end of the year and it’s time to reflect and CELEBRATE everything here on Buzznet that has made this such an awesome year and an awesome community. So, put on your thinking caps, direct your browsers to your friends list, and get ready to fill out your ballots for our first ever BUZZNET AWARDS!

This should be a total blast and we figure it’s time to get the whole community to offer their opinions on who is really inspiring and creative here on Buzznet. You don’t have to fill out the entire ballot (just whatever you’re comfortable answering),Photo by xBlanksFace

So, the details:

1) The following ballot should be sent to: buzznetawards.08@gmail.com2) To make this easy for Bree, Rich, and myself to tally, please copy the ballot below and add your answers after each category.3) There are explanations of certain categories after the ballot.4) PLEASE PROVIDE LINKS/USER NAMES WHEN NECESSARY. If the category is, “Best City Shot,” we need the link to the actual photo so that we can find it. 🙂 Same with user names! We don’t know everyone on a first-name basis.5) Please only send in one ballot. Obviously, there’s no way we can totally verify this, but if we find out you sent in duplicates, we’ll throw your votes out. Possibly publicly shame you. Tsk tsk.6) Have fun! This is not a popularity contest. This isn’t about cliques. This isn’t about creating drama. It’s about rewarding and honoring people who have made significant and lasting contributions to Buzznet!

ALL BALLOTS ARE DUE BY DECEMBER 19, 2008, 11:59PM. The community team will tally all of the votes on Monday and we’ll post them on December 23rd.

Please pass this along to everyone! Twitter it, blog about it, make bulletins, post it in your band communities…we want to reach as many people as possible to get a wide variety of opinions!!!The Official 2008 Buzznet Awards Ballot

PhotosBest standout photo of ‘08Best nature photoBest self portraitBest buzznet love photoBest city scene

VideoFav music video of ‘08Fav band videoblogFav member videoblog

CommunityFunniest commenter#1 Thing on Buzznet you HAD to shareFav QOTDFav BuzzdramaBest music news bloggerMost insightful bloggerBest fanfiction seriesBest liveblogBest rantFav group on Buzznet


Best Standout Photo: What single photo blows your mind on Buzznet? Choose only one!Best Buzznet Love Photo: A photo where someone shows their love of Buzznet through whatever means. 🙂#1 Thing You Had To Share: What’s the one thing on Buzznet you actually showed to people not on the site because you loved it so much?Fave Buzzdrama: There’s no need to be mean or provide commentary, but what was your favorite comment war or picspam or troll? There have been a ton in ’08!Best Music News Blogger: We’re not trying to pat ourselves on the back, so this is not meant to only include Bree, Ross, myself, or any staff members. It can be any member who wrote about music news, featured or not.Best rant: This is more obvious than it seems. It can include a journal rant, a specific comment in a thread, or a reply in the forum. Whose rant was your favorite? Please link us to it!

Have fun and happy voting!