Tom Cruise Gives Heidi and Spencer Marriage Advice: World Asks “Why?”

So, since their elopement, pseudolebrities Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have probably been getting marriage advice from the far more famous people they tend to hang out with. And while it’s possible Spencer’s been getting marriage advice from the likes of Pete Wentz, there’s another source that’s apparently been giving him some sage advise as well: Tom Cruise.

Yeah, you read that right. Tom “Jesus of Scientology” Cruise. reports that Cruise’s advice was mostly about the wedding itself, telling Spencer to make sure it was an affair that Heidi would remember. “She’s gonna remember it forever,” Cruise said. And really, Tom should know, since his 2006 Italian wedding to Katie Holmes was ridiculously extravagent and star studded. Pratt apparently told US Magazine that a big wedding would be possible under one condition: “If Tom’s the best man, we’ll have a big wedding!”

Of course, though out all of this, I find myself wondering when Tom Cruise slipped Heidi and Spencer copies of Dyanetics and told them to call him if they needed help understanding any of it. After all, Scientology would likely KILL for a very special episode of The Hills where Heidi and Spencer have their Thetan count calculated.