Are Tokio Hotel Big Fakers?

Hey, all you Tokio Hotel fan girls who rag on Ashlee Simpson for her SNL debacle! Guess what? Looks like you might have some explaining to do. Because Tokio Hotel’s live show might not be as “live” as you think.

Reportedly, Tokio Hotel lead singer Bill Kaulitz doesn’t sing live on American dates. In fact, there’s apparently notes on the sound team’s set list that tells them to turn the microphone back on in between sets, so Bill can talk to the audience. So, his banter is all live, but his vocals are prerecorded.

Oh, and reportedly? The instrumental tracks are all prerecorded as well. That would mean that Tokio Hotel mimes playing on stage, as they would for a music video. So the only real thing fans would hear on stage would be Bill’s voice between sets.

Please note that this doesn’t imply that the band doesn’t play their music in studio. And in no way does it mean they’re pulling a Milli Vanilli. It would just mean that they do the same thing a lot of pop artists, including Britney Spears, do for concerts: in order to ensure they put on the best musical show for the audience, they use a pre-recorded track. Whether that’s right or wrong is entirely another story.

Grain of salt: this information is a Perez Hilton exclusive, so it could be taken out of context or even completely fake.

But if it is true, would that change how you feel about Tokio Hotel? Would it change how you feel about other artists who have been caught lip synching to vocal tracks during live performances? Please note: this DOESN’T include Milli Vanilli. There’s a difference between lip synching to someone else’s voices and lip synching live to your own studio recording.