’tis the season to be lol-ly

hello lovers. bahh busy busy week. saturday i was supposed to go to my friend’s symphony concert. i totally forgot about it and had to help decorate my grandma’s tree with erika and leah. we had fun, but i wanted to go to the concert so bad. oh wellll. after we decorated the tree chris came down for a while. my grandma is hilarious. she doesn’t even have to do anything, she’s just ridiculous. but while we were decorating the tree, it was horrible. leah wanted to start the lights at the top and were our way down. me and erika always start from the bottom. i ended up letting leah get her way… that did NOT work haha. we had them all on and had to take them off and redo them. they got all tangled and at one point i was wrapping them around erika haha.

i look awful =O

i hate my grandma’s lighting. she’s lived there for atleast 50 years and nothing has been improved haha. looks like a 70’s light and carpet. grooooooss. but her house is so cozy haha.

these are the nerds i hang out with.

can you believe that she’ll be 19 in a month?

the tree + my grandma haha

i had a flower, bow and snowflake hanging on my head all night.

after showing erika how to get messy hair…

everyone wanted to steal my glasses.

soooo. today we went to walmart. me and erika had to get some pictures developed secretly without my mom knowing. it was horrible. there were sooo many people at the photo lab so it took forever. and i had to buy frames for the pictures. so i had two 8 by 10 frames in my purse all day and they were so heavy! but it was worth it. erika’s painting them a goldish color now.. they look amazing.

overloaded… haha no kidding. i dropped this earlier and it went everywhere.

tomorrow is the christmas dinner at my church. me and erika are singing “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” with our youth group. we’ve arranged this awesome thing.. it sounds great. tell me if you want to hear it and i’ll take my camera tomorrow and have someone record it just for YOU =D


-tuesday: church dinner

-wednesday: church play

-thursday: another church play

-friday: a different church’s play

-saturday: great grandparent’s to exchange gifts

-sunday: morning; church play night; dinner at my grandma’s

so… since you see how busy i am this week, don’t get mad for lack of posting. i’m trying to keep you up to date as much as possible! janna, i’m gonna have to do your video next week probably. it’ll be closer to christmas that way, though.

can you believe that christmas is NINE DAYS AWAY?! what are you giving this year?

..great quality 😀

doesn’t it seem like everyone always gets stressed around this time of year? it’s horrible, because christmas (and all holidays, really) are supposed to be a time to relax and enjoy everything.. instead everyone is all grouchy and stressed out. it’s sad =(

check out my new picture, yo!