Ryan Ross on Panic’s Future Sound. Plus: He is Relatively Sure He’s NOT Mick Jagger

While Jon Walker blogged earlier today, we’ve also got new news from Panic at the Disco guitarist Ryan Ross. Ryan apparently spoke to Rolling Stone about the “…Live in Chicago” CD and Book that was just released. And while a lot of the information is about the making of the book, he also provided some information on the band’s writing process as they prepare for their follow-up to this year’s Pretty. Odd.

Ryan does mention that musically the new CD is set to sound a lot like Pretty. Odd. “You’ll be able to know it’s the same band from Pretty.Odd. to our next album; it won’t be the leap it was from the first album to the second. Hopefully it’s just better,” Ross laughs. And while that may disappoint fans who weren’t thrilled with Panic’s sound on the new CD and wished for a return to the sound from A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, Ryan firmly believes if the band had time to mature, things would have been quite different. “That’s the funny thing — if there was a year and half or two years of us being a band like every other band and then getting signed, we would probably have made Pretty. Odd. as our first album instead.”

The big change? Panic’s mindset. Ross says ” I kind of look at [our earlier music] now and laugh a little — not at it, but just at how much we’ve changed as people, much less as a band.” He defines that change as “…we really did grow up a little bit. If we weren’t doing this, we would have been in college at that time and that’s when you move out of your house and get away from your parents and become a person; you’re not a kid anymore.”

But one thing is still for sure: Ryan is NOT Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger. “We were in this park in Canada throwing a frisbee around, and there was a homeless guy there who swore to God I was Mick Jagger. I kept telling him I wasn’t, and he kept thinking I was Jagger and wanted to play frisbee with us. Then he heard a siren coming and thought I called the cops — and he ran away!” The best part? “I don’t think I look like [Jagger] at all.”

Well, I don’t see it. Do you?